New Projects

I finished my first year of graduate school! This semester was particularly busy (3 seminars + TAing!) so I didn’t have time to devote to writing for this site. Hopefully next semester will be more relaxed. I’ll be taking a Caravaggio seminar with my advisor… and, well, do I even need to tell you how excited I am? My life is complete.

A younger me near the Castel & Ponte Sant’Angelo.

I have a couple projects I’m working on this summer. I’ll be writing my Master’s Thesis about urban experience of public executions in Rome during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. A few of the professors here have been so kind in providing comments and reviewing it, and I’m having the best time writing it. Even though I have a good portion of it completed because I wrote it for a grad seminar, there are some things I need to add or revise. When I went to Italy for the first time, I got a picture with the Castel Sant’Angelo and Ponte Sant’Angelo in the background… and I don’t think young me had any idea where I would be years later, writing about that particular part of Rome.

Another summer project is to get through lots of reading that I didn’t have time for during the semester. In my first semester, some of the grad students held a “Methods seminar” where they had weekly art history methodology & art theory readings and then discussed them. I wasn’t able to attend because of scheduling, so one of my goals is to read anything from their reading list that I haven’t come across. I’m also going through The Cultures of Collecting edited by John Elsner and Roger Cardinal (1994), Gerard van der Leeuw’s Sacred and Profane Beauty: The Holy in Art (1963), and I went through the University of Chicago Press’ eBook list and sent book samples of anything that looks interesting to my Kindle to see what I may want to buy. My final item on my list of reading is to go through all of my Caravaggio books & articles because I can’t wait until the Fall to start course readings. :)

The cover of my grad school guide.

I just completed one of my summer projects, which was to design and write a guide for applying to graduate school in art history. If you’re interested, you can find it here. I’m so thrilled with the result. Many of my readers (and Tumblr followers) are undergraduates, so I wanted to provide them with a quick, simple guide to help them decide whether or not they want to pursue graduate studies in art history, and if they do, what that entails. I tried to be as thorough as I could without going overboard – there’s a list of recommended resources and further reading. I’m looking forward to tracking interest in it and I hope it’s helpful!

I hope to actively write for this site again over the summer & I’ll try to have something drafted soon!