In the chaos and thrill of applying to, and not getting in to, graduate school, I have decided to give my website new life. This URL will remain my personal academic-related blog (e.g. adventures in reapplying to grad school.) (Ian and I are making a personal blog for us.) I am going to turn the index of this website into a blog that discusses everything related to art history that captures my interest, my field of study (early modern, specialization in 17th century Italian art), and education-related theories, practices and news.

The heart of this website is, after all, art history and Caravaggio. It’s time I did the domain justice.

I need to be writing and engaging my intellect during its break from academia. Hopefully, I will get in to graduate school the second time around. I am wiser from the first time.

Until mine and Ian’s new personal blog is developed, I have two personal blogs planned: one about my wedding, and one about the year since graduation which I will post in June. Stay tuned! It’s exciting!