What to expect from your first art history course

Caravaggista.com: What to Expect from your First Art History Course. Second Edition, January 2015.

I wrote What to Expect From Your First Art History Course for those who, as the title suggests, aren’t sure what art history courses are like. The booklet goes over:

Types of Art History Courses — I first address the different kinds of art history classes (surveys, upper-level lectures, and seminars) and what each type of class entails.

Study Tips  The next few pages offer tips for how to succeed in any art history class.

Common Exam Types & How to Prepare  — Most first time art history students have no idea what to expect from their exams or how to prepare for them unless their professors provide good study guides. I go over the most common exam types that you can expect to encounter and provide various methods you can use to prepare for your tests.

Research & Writing Tips — For those who may be unsure of  what to do when asked to write an art historical research paper for the first time, the next several pages in this booklet are dedicated to explaining how to begin the writing and research process.

What Not to Do — I’ve included a brief list of what not to do if you want to succeed as an art history student.

The booklet ends with a list of recommended reading and helpful resources.