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Art History Blogs

  • Alberti’s Window (an art history blog that covers a wide range of movements)
  • Art & Critique (this blog has not been active for some time, but the archives are an enjoyable read)
  • Baroque Potion (written by David Byron)
  • Cave to Canvas (Cave to Canvas posts a different artist every day based on request and does an AP Art History review each year.)
  • Dominus Venustas (a yearlong journey of one girl exploring art and art history)
  • Every Painter Paints Himself (managed by independent art historian Simon Abrahams)
  • Grumpy Art Historian (written by Michael Savage)
  • WTF Art History (for those moments when you see a work of art and think, “What on earth?”, this blog is an honest, hilarious, insightful retreat for art enthusiasts)

Amy’s Favorite Art History Books

… Introductions to Art History

… Italian Renaissance & Baroque Art

… Dutch Baroque Art

… Specialized Studies

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